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Waka Studio

Bandung, West Java.

We love Programming, Designing, Networking, and Daydreaming.

Waka means "Do It" in Fang Language. We don't hesitate. We dare to take any challenges. We have a bigger vision and this studio is our first step to achieve it. Waka is also the name of a cafe where we usually meet after work. The food there is not really tasty, but its cozy atmosphere and WiFi makes us always come back to meet up. Located in the urban area of Bandung City, the night in the cafe is silent and breezy. Accompanied by fried rice and hot drinks to compensate the cold, we always have an exciting discussion about our vision, business strategy, and what we should do during the day. One night, the idea to make this studio occured and the discussion that night was... legendary.

Perfection, Performance, and Reliability.

You are welcome to have a conversation with us:

Main Office :

Luki B. Subekti

Jln. Surya Sumantri No. 98

Bandung, Indonesia.

+62 818 223 350

[email protected]

Representative :

Hizkia Febianto

113 Weldon Street

Rochester, New York

+1 585 532 3555

[email protected]